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KCØLWV (General)
Gladstone, MO

WELCOME to my amateur radio (ham) home page. Here you'll find key information and links to informative pages pertaining to amateur radio related pages, but with a heavy emphasis on emergency communications.

If you came to this page from one of our EMCOM or MAGIC sites and are seeking emergency or contact information, click HERE.

I'll be adding content to this site as time allows, but as you might be able to tell, I'm extremely involved in Emergency Management projects, outside of my normal endeavors which include:
  • I am the technology partner in a technology law firm Technical Legal Consulting, Inc. in Independence, Missouri (Kansas City)
  • I am president of the International Direct Marketing Consortium (Consorcia para el Mercadeo Directo Internacional, S.A.) based in Costa Rica, where I have a condo and another office.
  • I direct the EMCOM project of nationwide, neighborhood based Community Emergency Preparedness Coordinators
  • I design and develop cutting edge technology projects for clients around the world.
  • I control & maintain something over 985,000 pages on the internet. (Something that comes in handy when someone (usually a company) hacks me off -- In less than 2 hours I can have a nasty banner on every one of those pages, which normally prompts some kind of action to be taken to get the situation straightened out.)
While I get more information put together, feel free to look around the site through the buttons at the left.


If you would like to expand your service in your community, please feel free to click on the Community Coordinator program banner above and sign up. Then email me at <KCØLWV@comdinet.com>, so that we can annotate your record with your call sign.

If you simply would like to expand your capability for family notifications of victim/displaced person status and location through the Emergency Victim Locator system, email me at the address above and we'll get you a login and password for direct entry to the system, as well as instructions for updating the database through internet email, or packet radio relay.

Getting Your License

If you are not already involved in amateur radio, we invite you to consider becoming a "ham". A wonderful hobby by itself, it also affords you a way to have communications in an emergency that could be critical to your own and/or your family's well-being. Some of the links below should prove helpful if you wish to investigate getting your license. (It really isn't that difficult, and there is no longer a morse code requirement to get a Technician licence.

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