Interact with your audience
with audio AND visual media...
Including Web sites, Photos, Videos, Flash presentations and more...

Automatically link your web browser, regardless of brand or operating system with the browsers of your web site users that choose to participate.   Wherever you send your browser, the others will follow, even on web enabled wireless devices like PDAs or cell phones.


Put the SHOW into your TELL
Radio Stations

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Not a Broadcaster?
Not a Problem!

So you are not currently an Internet Broadcaster. How about this... Pick your favorite radio or webcast station (there are LOTS of internet radio stations of every genre; see ShoutCast. Add a link to your webpage to your favorite broadcast site, AND a WebCruise CastHopper© button. Now, as you listen to the music, YOU become the DJ or WJ (Web Jockey) and take YOUR audience to the websites that YOU designate while the music plays. For instance, the artist's/group's official web site, fan sites, your own or friend's fan sites, photo sites, video sites, etc. Wherever you want your audience to go! Once you are set up, everthing else that applies to Broadcasters/Webcasters will also apply to YOU!

  • Take your users/website visitors on an 'Internet cruise' of whatever sites/pages you designate
  • Show a presentation or demonstrate a new web application to clients or prospective clients.
  • Join in with a local radio or Webcast station and see the official and/or fan web sites of the artist whose song is playing...
  • The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
NOTE: As of 9/15/2006, the WebCruise CastHopper will still be available without cost; however, it will be distributed based upon request. More information will follow shortly.

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(or see below to get your own!)

Due to demand, Friday, 9-15-2006 will be the last day to get the
FREE WebCruise CastHopper
. All those with operational CastHoppers will of course, continue to have full and free use. We will continue to provide the application free on a 'request' basis, generally by referral only.

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